Inkjet Printers

Manual encoders that inject ink on any surface.


Thermal Printers

They are used to print on all types of labels with variable information.



Different labels for each use.

      • Heat transfer.
      • Thermal.
      • Propalcote.
      • Polypropylene
      • Thermal Cardboard.
      • Synthetic Vinyl.
      • Security.
      • Digital.

Labelers / Pricing Machines

Manual Labeling Machine 1155

Uses roll and 1155 inkers.

Ribbon Inks

      • Tintas ribbons hot stand.
      • Wax ribbons inks.
      • Resin ribbons inks.
      • Textile ribbons inks.

Textile Labels

Nylon or satin material for clothing marking and identification applications.


Stretch film and packing tape in different sizes.