This work was developed with the objective of carrying out an appropriate evaluation of the investment project, of the acquisition of flexographic machinery and other technology, destined for industrial use, in the areas of Labeling and product identification.

To know the results of this project, it was required to carry it out in different stages. The first actions were aimed at structuring the organization of the company.

Next, the marketing aspect was continued, which includes the formal study of the demand and supply of the product, as well as the identification of possible buyers, specification of the sale price and the current producers of this product at the national level.

Regarding the engineering of the project, an attempt was made to focus on the functional structure of production, framing all relevant aspects to obtain optimal use of the plant, as well as the administration area.

Socially, the projections of this project allow us to visualize new sources of work and a better quality of life for our current employees with better economic and social benefits.

Taking into account that the vision of the company is to obtain constant development and growth, in this competitive world of globalization of the markets in which it operates, with objectives and goals that ensure that the company carries out its activities at a reasonable cost, which allow to generate reasonable and acceptable profits in relation to the invested resources.

We are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the production and commercialization of inputs for the identification of products and assets, with excellent quality, contributing to the development of the country.